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Voting is our most important right.

Any registered voter in Nebraska can request a mail-in ballot. If you voted by mail in the last election, you must re-apply in order to vote by mail in any future elections.

Mark your calendar for the next elections!

Statewide Elections

Last day to request a mail-in ballot

October 28,

General Election

November 8,

Vote at Home

The deadline may have passed for 2022, but it's never too early to prepare for next year's elections. Enter your info to get your
early voting application form and be prepared for the upcoming election in 2023.

No excuse needed:
Any registered voter can vote early.

As a registered Nebraska voter, you can request a mail-in ballot for any reason. This way, you don’t have to take any chances with Election Day lines, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Do you vote in Lancaster or Douglas counties?

You can sign up to automatically receive your mail-in ballot request form in the mail before each election. Click the links below to contact your election commission to join your county’s permanent request list:

Registered voters may re-apply for a early ballot for the upcoming 2022 election.


Check Your Status
& Register to Vote

Check – and then double-check – your status to be sure that you’re registered to vote in Nebraska.
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Are you eligible to vote but are not registered? Here’s what you need to register to cast your ballot in 2022.
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530 S. 13th St. Suite 100, Lincoln NE 68508


Greater Nebraska
203 N. Locust St., Grand Island NE 68801


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